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Friday, 15 October 2010 14:50

The Advanced Study Group on Planning and the Environment "Texture" in the following activities:

  • Performing diagnostic studies, reports, projects and works related to the land and the environment. Especially those linked with the landscape, sustainable practices for urban and regional planning, renewable energy, conservation of coastal and marine environment, urban and rural heritage, natural and international cooperation for sustainable development.
  • Analysis and establishment of criteria and strategies to be adopted for improved management and planning. Propose concrete measures and actions to achieve the above goals.
  • Monitoring and dissemination of the latest international trends and initiatives for the territory and environment, by organizing conferences, symposia, exhibitions, seminars, conferences and debates, as well as the preparation of specific awareness programs, training and education. Emphasize and disseminate best practices and working methods in terms of territory and environment.
  • Conduct studies and projects that reflect and enhance the relationships between the various means of artistic expression and cultural and land and environment.
  • Promoting interdisciplinary collaboration in terms of territory and environment, and the exchange of experiences between experts from business, government, scientific, academic and cultural and social groups.
  • Development, promotion and dissemination of publications, territorial and environmental issues in written and audiovisual media.
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